SEC Post-Spring Power Rankings - #12 - Arkansas Razorbacks

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The Razorbacks head into the 2nd season of the Brett Bielema error and there are still a ton of questions surrounding the program.  The most notable question is at the quarterback position.  Can Brandon Allen improve enough to keep his job or will Rafe Peavey be able to come in and win the job.  Right now I wouuld put odds on Peavey to come in and add a dual threat dimension to the Arkansas offense which alongside Alex Collins would give the Razorbacks a formidable rushing attack.  However, they are going to have to be able to find some semblance of balance and some receivers who can make plays on the peremiter or teams will line up 8 in the box all day long and attack the Arkansas running game.  Arkansas will still have an opportunity to run the ball against that crowded box with their monstrous offensive line.

On defense the Razorbacks will need to show tremendous improvement over where they were a year ago.  Robb Smith sill be in charge of leading this turn around after making his return to college football where he was a an excellent coordinator while at Rutgers before following Greg Schiano to Tampa Bay.  Last season Arkansas was putrid on defense giving up 37.9 ppg in conference play and 6.9 yards per play which was terrible.  He will also be dealing with the loss of their best pass rusher Chris Smith.

The season opener is brutal on the road against Auburn but then they get a breather after that with a game against Nicholls State and then have a big time opportunity on the road against Texas Tech.  It will still be a tough season for the Hogs but expect to see some progress and a very powerful running game that should help take some pressure off the defense. 

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